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Organizing Tips

Home Organizing

  • General 

    • Have a dedicated "drop zone" for backpacks and purses​

    • Use clear containers whenever possible

    • Label containers as much as possible

    • Throw junk mail in recycle bin BEFORE you get in the house

    • Designate a tray or basket for mail and use it every day

    • Have a scissors in every room with a designated storage spot

    • Store a step stool on every floor of your home

  • Kitchen

    • Purge the abundance of Tupperware and corral the lids in one bin or container​

    • Store dry food boxes and pouches of rice, noodles and potatoes in a bin or box to avoid scattering within cabinet

    • Use tiered shelf organizers or lazy susans for spices and canned foods

    • Use stackable can rack organizers

    • Use pan & lid organizers for stacking

  • Refrigerator

    • Use soda can organizer​ and lazy susans

    • Utilize under shelf storage and clear stackable bins

    • Purge leftovers weekly

  • Garage

    • Use durable shelving

    • Use plastic bins and totes for easy cleaning and make sure to label!

    • For tools such as rakes, shovels, and brooms, use hanging racks

    • Install pegboard for hammers, screwdrivers, and other tools such as tape

    • Utilize a plastic cabinet with drawers for screws, nails, etc

    • Have a lockable cabinet for safe storage of lawn chemicals, paint and cleaning solvents

    • Use tall garbage can to corral bats, tennis rackets, hockey sticks and balls

    • Fasten clothespins to wall for safe storage of fishing rods

  • Closets

    •  Use baskets for folded shirts, socks, and lingerie

    • Use 360 degree Rotating Hooks for cami's, belts, and scarves

    • Utilize Shoe Slotz to double your shoe storage

    • Hang Wonder Hangers to maximize closet rod space

    • Use hanging shelves from closet rods for pants, sweaters,  and other clothing items

    • Implement drawer organizers to separate smaller items such as socks, underwear, bras and lingerie 

  • Bathroom

    • Keep counters clutter free

    • Hang shoe organizer on back of door for hair and hygiene products​

    • Use tiered baskets in cabinets

    • Use drawers organizers to contain smaller items and organize by item types (brushes & combs, toothpaste, band aids, etc)

    • Hang towels from hooks instead of towel bars

  • Foyer

    • Create drop space near entry door​

    • Provide baskets for shoes, hats, and mittens

    • Install hooks or have a coat rack

    • If space allows, provide bench to sit on

Life Transitions

  • General

    • Take photos of your home and it's rooms before you start packing and before you move​

    • Purge your paperwork

    • Make only "yes" or "no" piles

    • Sell items on Craigslist, Marketplace or have a garage sale

    • Donate unsold items to your favorite charity

  • Seniors

    • Start the process early allowing sufficient time to remember the memories​

    • Start with a small room first to get practice and gain confidence

    • Save only favorites of your collections

    • Take photos of nostalgic items (china) and make photo book

    • Distribute legacy gifts now to family and friends (china, jewelry, heirlooms)

  • Downsizing​

    • Start the process early​

    • Eliminate items in the rooms you won't have in your new home

    • Dispose of duplicate items (sell, donate, gift) - kitchen may have many duplicates​

Home Staging

  • Clear the clutter so closets appear larger and cabinets more spacious

  • Remove excess furniture to make rooms appear bigger

  • Complete after decluttering, cleaning & repairs have been made

  • Create an illusion of space & light

  • Create vignettes (group of items) - groups of 1,3 and 5

  • Design a mood - use mirrors, plants, silk flowers, lamps, afghans, pillows, baskets

Business Operations

  • Purge any outdated materials

  • Have a "to do" list and block out time to work on projects

  • Develop filing system: use colored files

  • Categorize by type of project or task and use straight line filing (easier on mind & eye)

  • Use clear plastic files to keep project papers together

  • Organize the desktop and keep only items needed on daily basis

  • Containerize drawers and desktop

  • Time Management:  keep calendar up-to-date

  • Email Management: organize digitally - create folders and sub folders in your email and review daily

  • Label everything!

  • Ritualize your work day and try to prepare for the next day before you punch out

“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.”

~ Benjamin Franklin

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