Life Transition Tips

  • General

    • Take photos of your home and it's rooms before you start packing and before you move​

    • Purge your paperwork

    • Make only "yes" or "no" piles

    • Sell items on Craigslist, Marketplace or have a garage sale

    • Donate unsold items to your favorite charity

  • Seniors

    • Start the process early allowing sufficient time to remember the memories​

    • Start with a small room first to get practice and gain confidence

    • Save only favorites of your collections

    • Take photos of nostalgic items (china) and make photo book

    • Distribute legacy gifts now to family and friends (china, jewelry, heirlooms)

  • Downsizing​

    • Start the process early​

    • Eliminate items in the rooms you won't have in your new home

    • Dispose of duplicate items (sell, donate, gift) - kitchen may have many duplicates​

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