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We asked experienced declutterers for their best tricks

Written by Victoria Fogg


These days, Americans don’t agree on much, but we know this: We’ve got too much stuff.

Baby boomers, especially, are feeling as if the possessions we have bought or been given are weighing us down. For weeks, I’ve been talking with boomers about approaching life after 50 with curiosity and enthusiasm, as part of a Washington Post newsletter series called Bold School. Many of us are saying it’s time to pare down and reevaluate our habits...Click on the image to read more.

The Empty Nest: Downsizing for Two

Written by Jennifer Tritt


Home is a feeling of warmth and safety. We gather at home with those we love. It is a private, peaceful place of retreat. Home is the relief we feel when returning from a long trip or a hectic day at work. I want any home in which I live to be open, welcoming, comfortable and light...Click on the image to read more.

Clutter Is A Trigger Of Stress And Anxiety, Psychologists Say

Written by Elizabeth Williams


Imagine this: you come home after having a hard day at work and the first thing you notice when you walk through the door is that the whole place looks like a bomb went off.

Your kids have made piles of clothes, books, and toys in their room, the kitchen sink has being cramped with dirty dishes, the coffee table has been covered with empty and half-filled cups, and let’s not forget your dog, which has knocked over a couple of flowerpots...Click on the image to read more.

‘Anything you want, take it’: A downsizing party after 45 years in the same house

Written by Petula Dvorak


“Anything on the tables. Take it,” she announced to the room, after getting everyone’s attention with the golden ping of a Tibetan singing bowl.

“The bookshelves. Go through the bookshelves, and if there’s anything you want, take it. Linens, dishes, mugs — take them,” she said, sweeping her arms along the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. “And please, please take at least one of the champagne flutes home with you. After you’ve had your mimosa.”...Click on the image to read more.

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