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I'm Julie, a professional organizer

It's far easier to organize someone else's belongings than your own. Don't get me wrong - my home is quite organized with my quilting fabric and button collection sorted by color and labeled storage containers. but it's not perfect. It is my home - it's comfortable, inviting, and where I find rest and solace.

When our home or office isn't "flowing" comfortably, it's hard to know where to start. Sometimes it just takes a fresh eye and some simple suggestions to get on track. 

That's where I can help. When you invite me into your home or office, I'm not there to judge or tell you what to do. We will work together and be creative in developing a plan on how to organize your surroundings and ultimately creating a more inviting atmosphere.


Happy Clients' Homes


"We are SO happy with the changes. She gave us the help and inspiration to keep us moving forward"

Martha and Ray Roth

"I cannot be more pleased with the results and how skilled, understanding and knowledgeable Julie was at the process." 

Sue L.

“She is sensitive to what you want to be done. She is a quick thinker, which means she is efficient at getting things done fast."

Marion Moe

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